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Wedding Party Aryanne Ferranti.JPG

Diana first met Aryanne on her brother’s Blackberry (remember those!).  Luckily, she met Aryanne shortly after IRL and has gotten to know her over the years since.  Aryanne has been officially part of the family since 2013 and is a caring and compassionate person and a wonderful mother to Izzy.


Who was your favorite Backstreet Boy?

"Nick Carter"

Wedding Party Kelly Parker-Guilbert.JPG

Kelly Parker-Guilbert

Diana and Kelly met during freshman year at Brandeis and since then their friendship has taken them all over the world including Spain, Maine (every year!), Canada, Seattle, and Boston amongst others though Kelly once said that they only travel “fairly well” together.


If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be? 


"The Luckiest by Ben Folds"

Wedding Party Natalie Serock.JPG

Natalie Serock

 Diana and Natalie met sometime during middle school in Montclair and that has since transpired into many years of friendship through high school, college, and formative years of living in NYC with countless adventures and memories in between.


If you were a talk show host who would be your first guest? 

"Oprah. Though it would be tricky to interview the queen of interviewing."

Wedding Party Meghan Shanahan.JPG

Meghan Shanahan

Diana and Meghan knew each other anecdotally at Brandeis but weren’t friends until senior year.  Initially, when Diana found out that Meghan was going to be one of her five roommates in the Mods she was indifferent but that turned out to be the best part of senior year and is now a 16 year and counting friendship.

Fun fact:

Meghan is a new mom and doesn’t have time for icebreakers!


Wedding Party James Barski.JPG

James met Johnny as opponents on the intramural dodgeball courts of Hoboken. James left a lasting impression that game by getting ejected from the middle school gymnasium for verbally abusing the referee. As a decorated athlete who was a two sport All-American in college, James instantly recognized Johnny's athletic abilities and recruited him to his kickball, bowling and dodgeball teams in future seasons. 


What is the first thing you’d buy if you won a million dollars?

"2022 Shadow Black Ford Mustang Mach-E GT"

Wedding Party Anthony Bellavita.JPG

Anthony Bellavita

Anthony and Johnny roamed the hallways at Pascack Valley High School together and the foundation of their friendship was built on trust. Anthony clearly trusted him by stowing himself away in the trunk of Johnny's car in order to sneak out of school. Together they've built a solid friendship over the years that has proven to be more reliable than that 1997 Mazda.


What was your best Halloween costume?

"Barney Rubble"

Wedding Party Ken Burdick.JPG

Ken Burdick

A fellow UAlbany Alumni but their friendship really hit its stride after college in NYC. They spent their very early twenties immersing themselves in all of the culture the city had to offer. Everything from Blarney Rock to Papaya Dog and everything in-between. Irish culture was of significant interest for these two as they'd both call out of work for St. Patrick's Day every year to bar crawl all of the pubs on 2nd Avenue.



What is your ATM Pin Number?


Wedding Party Mike Simons.JPG

Mike Simons

As fellow Great Danes, Mike and Johnny share a bunch of common interests. Some highlights include going to Ohio for March Madness, running a 10k in Maine, traveling to Stockholm for the weekend on Johnny's 30th birthday and catching Radiohead at the All Points West Festival. These days their adventures are more along the lines of going to Top Golf and hoping your back isn’t sore the next morning. 



If you were a professional wrestler what would your entrance theme song be? 

"Let's Go Crazy by Prince"

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